Sex Toy Review: The OVO R1

Hey, naughty people! We are back again with a new toy and a new experience. We once more visited the lovely Le Sex Shoppe located on the corner of Canal and North Anthony Street in Mid-City. The shop is now managed by the wonderful Rochelle who is just as knowledgeable and friendly as the previous manager. 

The product we were given was the OVO R1 a two part remote controlled vibrator recommended for couples play. OVO is a German brand known for winning awards on pretty much all of their products. The OVO R1 is uniquely special because not only does the vibrator vibrate (obviously) but so does the remote control.



We took the R1 home got freaky and this is what we found: 



The R1 literally can be used in a multitude of ways. You think it, you can probably do it. We personally don't like getting off with vibrators so we used it for foreplay. We used the R1 on my nipples, my thighs, and my clit while my girlfriend fingered me. The vibrator also has a handle so it can be inserted internally. Solo, I used the vibrator vaginally while I ran the remote (which also vibrates) over my clit. If you're into some dominating play, your partner can tell you what to do with the vibrator you hold while they control the intensity with the remote. You can individually use the vibrators, so masturbation simultaneously is an option.  Since you are technically handling two vibrators, if one dies, the play doesn't have to end! The uses are endless. These are just a few we personally tried. 



The R1 comes with a tiny instruction manual that has no words and which I, honestly, couldn't understand just by looking at the pictures. Thankfully, other people have reviewed the R1 before me and if it wasn't for their knowledge I wouldn't have even known how to turn them both on. My girlfriend and I went into the bedroom all hot and heavy and were crushed because we spent a frustrating amount of time trying to figure out how to even work the damn thing. So here, we did the hard work. We are going to list some instructions. Hope this helps. 


The remote which is the device with the two arrows that looks like this:  


is turned on by pushing down the arrow key. Once the light underneath comes on, release, then push again. This will start the vibrations. 

The separate vibrator which looks like this: 



turns on by obviously clicking the power button but won't begin vibrating unless the remote is turned on. 

Now as for the next steps, I have no idea. What I know is that the vibration frequency and intensity can be changed as well as the frequency and intensity on the remote. How to exactly do that? Who knows. I assumed the + and - keys would control the intensity, but sometimes when I used them, they would also control the frequency. We just pushed buttons until we found something we were happy with using. We suggest you do the same. 



Overall, the OVO R1 is versatile, fun, and reliable- that is if you can figure out how to work it.  


Keep coming back to read more reviews. We will be here testing all sorts of products. (We know. It's a tough job, but somebody has to do it.) Le Sex Shoppe will be at Naughty in New Orleans. Come see us, and, as always, come get your kink on.  


All my love,  




JonGunnar Gylfason