2nd Annual Lifestyle Awards was a Hit!

The 2nd Annual Lifestyle Awards showcased the best of the best in the lifestyle industry. Colette Dallas won the "Best Club of the Year" award for getting the most votes of any other club in the country. Our hats off to what John & Jackie have accomplished over the last couple of years.

To see a list of all of the 2016 winners, go to the Annual Lifestyle Award's Website.

The Hosts for the night were Holli & Michael, hosts of Playboy Radio's "Swing" and huge supporters of everything that is right in this lifestyle. They won an awards for Best Lifestyle Educator and Best Lifestyle Podcast.

They did an excellent job keeping everyone excited about the next award while sharing some very personal and rewarding stories.

El Swingador interrupted the Award Show when he "snuck into the show" and tried to accept the award for Best Lifestyle Entertainer. The award actually went out to the ever popular Mark Maze, one of Tom's Trips entertainers.

He was gracious enough to come back up to present the Best Lifestyle Travel Agency, which went to Tom's Trips.

JonGunnar Gylfason