NIN: The Biggest & the Best

Don't be fooled by anyone claiming to have the "Biggest event of the year", there can only be one "biggest" event and that took place July 6-10th in New Orleans. 

And it was AWESOME!

We want to send out a special thanks to our amazing team of speakers, staff and volunteers that work countless hours behind the scenes, setting up and tearing down as well as plenty of ours "in the scenes" handing out towels, cleaning up after people on the playfloor, changing sheets, giving demonstrations, playing music, etc...

We had over 100 couples book (19 to be exact) before they left the hotel. Make sure you book early so you can take care of the savings (below) and don't miss out on 2017.

Everyone Loves a Parade

This year's parade had two police cars, 6 motorcycle cops, a Brass Band, (Pocket Aces Brass Band) a dance Team (the Disco Amigos), 6 floats and over 1,000 amazing people holding up "Swinger Pride" signs, dancing, catching and throwing beads and having a ball.

Here are just a couple of pics from in front of our parade. If you have any pictures from a balcony or of your experience during the parade, please share them with us on ourNaughty in N'awlins Facebook page. 

JonGunnar Gylfason