The Bourbon St Parties were Crazy!

We love the Beach, one of our favorite Bourbon St places to party, but it never looked like this before (and won't till next year). Richard & Danielle (from Hub City Select) know how to party and they had this place jumping with a courtyard foam party, shot girls, bar dances, contest and much more. This was one of the best Bourbon St parties we have ever attended.

Did I mention the sexy people
at the Beach?

The owner of the Beach stopped by, it was his 1st time seeing one of our NIN parties at his club (even though we have been partying at the Beach for years). He asked me what it would take to do a party like this every week. I told him that ths could not be replicated, it could only happen at Naughty in N'awlins.

I told him to come see me next year and I would sell him a pass to him and his wife for the whole week. He said that would only get him in trouble.

I don't know about you, but this is some trouble I'd like to get into....

Did I mention that the place was packed?

But packed in a good way. There was a front bar, a middle courtyard, a huge dance area, a main stage, two VIP areas that overlooked the dance floor and a VIP dance area on the right hand side.

This bar was ready for us with 5 bars and plenty of bartenders.

At the same time as the big Beach Party, the Bourbon Cowboy was handling the overflow and was packed on both floors. With a mechanical bull and a Bourbon St balcony, this was a great addition to the daytime activities and gave our attendees even more places to go throughout the day.

JonGunnar Gylfason