The Ass Man

Shortly after moving to NYC, we heard about a club near Wall St. We’d never been to a swinger club before but we had heard good things about it from a few of our friends, so we decided to give it a try. When we entered the club, there were two couples checking in ahead of us. Both looked very professional and were nice looking. “This might not be so bad after all”, I thought. We paid the cover charge and checked in. Since we were new, we were given a tour of the club.

During the day, this place was an Italian restaurant, then on Friday and Saturday nights the restaurant was converted to one of Manhattan’s most popular “swing” clubs. The main social area was usually the dining room, but most of the tables had now been removed in order to create a small dance floor. Through another door we found a small buffet and the bathrooms. Down a hall, there was a pool table and further on, in the back of the restaurant, there were a number of booths. It was very dark back there and I wondered why they were showing us this area at all, because it looked like it was closed. Anyway, we decided to head back to the main social area.

We found a table near the dance floor and we sat, we watched, we danced, we drank and we had a great night. Another couple we knew met up with us at the club later that night. They sat with us and introduced us to a few other couples. Everyone was so friendly that we quickly felt right at home.

Around midnight, I started getting the munchies so I decided to get some food. While picking at the buffet, I noticed a few couples heading to the back area of the restaurant that I thought was closed. After grabbing a small plate I followed to see what was going on. Nothing could have prepared me for what I was about to see. It took me a few minutes for my eyes to adjust but I quickly figured out why it was kept so dark back there… This was where everyone came at the end of the night for sex. Lot’s of sex.

I had never seen anything like this before when I realized I was the only guy without a partner, worse yet, I was standing in the doorway staring, holding a heaping plate full of food. Whoops!

I quickly headed back to our table. My wife asked me about the food at the buffet. “Forget the food,” I said, “you gotta see the back room!”.

“Yeah, it’s about the time things get crazy back there.”, said our friend. Why hadn’t they told us about this before!? I felt like we just stumbled onto a big secret. It was the first time I’d ever seen an orgy… And I was ready to see more!

We all headed back to the dark room at the end of the hall and found an empty booth. A cute couple saw us watching them play in the next booth. So the girl leaned over the cushioned divider into our booth and her partner got behind her. We had been to many house parties and we had experience playing with other singles and couples, but we always knew them. This couple was complete strangers… and they were now leaning into our world and they were “doing it!”. One of our friends reached up and started playing with her breasts through her shirt. After a minute or two, the girl pulled off her top and her bra up so they could have easier boobie access… “This is so freakin’ cool!”, I thought to myself.

We got up and walked around to get a better view. We started looking around so we could see everything that was going on… and believe me, there was a lot going on. My wife started unbuckling my pants and it wasn’t long before I had her bent over one of the booth’s tables.

I contemplated for a moment, that hours from now, customers would be eating lunch in these very same booths, oblivious that just hours before, 100 people were having sex all over the furniture.

We never had sex with anyone else that night, but quite a few sexy people rubbed up against us, and we returned the favor. It was very sexy. In fact, it might have been one of the most unexpectedly sexy nights of our lives. We really wanted to do it again.

Six weeks later we went back to the club. We had big smiles on our faces as we signed in and hung up our coats. We didn’t need a tour this time, we knew the deal. We were keepers of the secret. The night went on very similar to last time. Dancing, drinking, eating (this time, I hit the buffet a little earlier) and then we headed to the back to the “secret” room.

We started out, much like the previous adventure, finding a booth and lots of hands going everywhere. Just when we were about to have some fun, a really cute couple came over and sat next to us.

“We noticed you the last time you were here”, they said. I couldn’t believe that this really hot couple actually remembered us from six weeks ago! “I’d really like to play with you.”, the girl said directly to me. I was on top of the world! She wanted me! I must have been doing something right. I never expected to get this lucky. My confidence had never been so high!… Then her husband explained:

“You see, my wife has always wanted to try anal sex, but my cock is way too big so we’ve never been able to do it. Then we saw you and we thought you would probably fit.”

What?… In that instant my confidence went from an all time high to a record low. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me! Two complete strangers were sitting here telling me that they’d noticed that I had a small dick! It was every man’s worst nightmare!… Or was it?I was just about ready to let my male insecurities get the best of me and run home crying, when it suddenly dawned on me…

“Wait a second… This unbelievably hot woman is asking me to fuck her in the ass!”

So what if it’s because I have an “average” sized cock? Could I live with that?… You bet her ass I could! In fact, now that I’d thought about it, I actually felt sorry for her husband. There’s no telling how much ass he’s missing out on because of his inconveniently huge penis. Poor guy. This was my duty, I had to help this couple. It was like I’d be doing community service… in a hot girl’s ass.

I guess her husband could tell that I was mentally struggling with the situation because he suggested that his wife give me a blow job. I have to admit, when trying to convince a man to have anal sex with your wife, playing the “blow job card” is a rather brilliant strategy indeed.

It wasn’t long before this beautiful woman was completely naked, lying on her back on the table in our booth. Her husband moved aside all of the condiments (salt, pepper, sugar packets, ketchup) so she could lie all the way down (now that’s a good husband). My wife and the girl’s husband sat on opposite sides of the table so they could take turns rubbing her breasts and kissing her while I concentrated on the bottom half.

She pulled her legs back and I lubed up, ready to go where no man had ever gone before. It was time to do the job that mother nature had had the foresight to build me for… It was time to fuck some ass! I had start very slowly and take my time, but wasn’t long before we had worked up to a pretty amazing pace. A crowd started gathering around us. Somehow they sensed that something special was going on and we became the most popular attraction of the night.

When we went home, we talked about the ass-perience over and over again. We couldn’t wait to go back. But, due to being young and fairly broke at the time, we didn’t return until about two months later.

After eating, drinking, dancing and flirting, we made our way to the club’s back room for our 3rd time. On the way down the hall an excited and apparently star-struck stranger stopped me and exclaimed,”Hey, aren’t you the Ass Man!?”

“Why yes.”, I said, striking my best Superman pose, “Yes I am.”

JonGunnar Gylfason