Sex Toy Review: The Zoro

Hello, you wonderful kinky people. My name is Devin, and I've been given a wonderful opportunity to write to you my review of sex toys. What a life, right?



Just a little about me- I'm a southern native (pictured on the right). I live in New Orleans with my beautiful girlfriend (she's on the left), and I'm down to try anything new. Especially sex related. In my experience, experimenting sexually has only enriched my life. Luckily, my girlfriend agrees which is needed if we are going to be giving all sorts of stuff a try- at least the toys that take two to tango.


Which brings us to our first product. The Zoro by Perfect Fit- a silicone strap-on system. System because it is essential a harness and dildo in one. There is no need to buy additional parts. You literally strap it on and are ready to go!




We received the Zoro through Le Sex Shoppe located on Canal Street in Mid-City. The shop is managed by a magnificent, beautiful woman named JJ who is quite informed on the products she chooses to have there. Zoro, she told us, has to meet European requirements which are stricter than American requirements when it comes to toys. The laundry list of things European toys have to meet is too much to list here but just know that if it's going inside you, you are in good hands.


There are some interesting features about the Zoro which you don't see in other strap-ons.  The inside is hollow so that you could put a vibrator inside it, if you so desire. There is also an opening located at the bottom so your goods can be exposed. For men, this means double penetration is doable. You now get to have two phalluses. Yay! We, though, are two women which means that “supposedly” our lady parts will be exposed. At first, I was thrilled about this part. This meant I could touch my girlfriend while she fucked me- a new option in the world of strap-ons.


We went home, got freaky with the Zoro, and this is what we found:


The Positives


This particular strap-on is honestly one of the best we have used in terms of mobility. As it advertises, it really does help you move energy from the pelvis. The Zoro definitely does feel like it is a part of you. My girlfriend originally thought the straps would be uncomfortable. It is basically a thong and must go up your ass, but she admitted that it didn't feel bad at all.  We experimented using the vibrator inside it, and I personally loved it. The opening Zoro provided exposed everything on my girlfriend and I was able to finger her during the process. All these things we both really loved. If you are into butt play, which I happen to like, then I think you'll really love the Zoro. I'm not an expert in no means when it comes to having anything large inserted into me anally, but this was perfect.


The Negatives 


The only complaint my girlfriend seemed to have was the small rounded circle located in the inside of the strap-on. I assume it is there to help it sit better, but we are all anatomically different. She found that it was slightly uncomfortable. She could overlook it, but it wasn't ideal. When I tried it on, I found that where her vaginal opening, clit, and labia were exposed, only my clit could be seen. So the Zoro, when it comes to women, will expose different parts of the vagina depending on your anatomy. My girlfriend is the one usually wearing the strap-ons so it wasn't an issue necessarily for us, but I think it's important to mention that finger play will not be an option for everyone. My only issue with the Zoro was its external build. The phallus shaped part of it is pretty much the same width from start to finish. If you cum internally like I do, then holding on to it with your pelvic muscles can be a little difficult. It was harder for me to cum with the Zoro. A Kegel workout is what I got instead.


To sum it up, we loved how attached the Zoro is to the pelvis. Anatomically, it works for us. It may not work for you. Vaginal penetration, I wasn’t as pleased. Anal penetration, it's a thumbs up.


We’ll be using the Zoro in this household. We recommend it for yours, but more so we recommend visiting Le Sex Shopee. JJ’s knowledge on her products is refreshing and exciting. They will also be at Naughty New Orleans this year, so come see us and get your kink on. You won't be disappointed. 

JonGunnar Gylfason