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Effy Blue

Relationship expert Effy Blue specializes in non-monogamy and other alternative structures, expanding her domain from the world of corporate advertising to coaching. Adding years of researching and studying relationships and human psychology to the skills she cultivated in the business world, Effy solves problems by fearlessly asking the tough questions while constructively offering thoughtful insights. She offers private coaching, leads public workshops, and builds a community of Curious Foxes.  Effy is committed to honoring individual preferences through her model Relationship by Design. Without the pre-packaged constructs that help us navigate monogamy, open relationships lend themselves to flexibility so that we can custom craft them from the bottom up. Through the building process, Effy offers techniques that help her clients treat their partners and themselves with humility, kindness, and grace.

Effy Blue at Naughty in Nawlins

Play Party Etiquette

Curious about sex parties? You’re invited to our Play Party Etiquette Workshop, led by sex party expert Effy Blue, a relationship coach specializing in ethical non-monogamy. This popular workshop has been featured in Nylon, Cosmo, Refinery 29, and Thrillist! We will explore a culture that celebrates sex positivity, body positivity, enthusiastic consent, and self-expression. We’ll go over all of the questions dancing in your head. How do I find a party? How do I prepare? What do I wear? What about hygiene and sexual health? What do I talk about? What do I do with my hands? Time to find out. We encourage curiosity and combine learning with hands-on exercises. Come join us as we demystify the exciting world of sex parties!