Educators profile: Andrew Sparksfire

Andrew Sparksfire

Andrew Sparksfire is an entrepreneur, investor, and activist. He’s best known as the founder of Hacienda, a sex-positive community organization that welcomes all genders and all sexual orientations. Andrew started throwing sex parties at his house in Brooklyn seven years ago. The original guests invited more guests, their friends invited more friends, and eventually Andrew’s townhouse became a community center for sex positive culture in New York City. As a real estate investor, Andrew recognized that permanent living environments have great potential to change people’s lives – so, in 2014 he created Hacienda Villa, an intentional community in Brooklyn based on the same culture of consent and sex positivity that had been developed through Hacienda’s sex parties. In 2015, he opened Hacienda Maison, a sex-positive guest house in New Orleans with the same ethos. Finally, in 2016, he embarked on a role as an educator and activist, announcing that it was “time to take sex parties out of the closet”. He opened an educational venue called Hacienda Studio with the goal of promoting awareness around sex and alternative relationship structures, and now speaks around the country on the subject of sex positive culture and its role in everyday life.

Andrew Sparksfire at Naughty in N’awlins

Play Party Production

Have you ever wondered what it takes to host a successful sex party? Ever tried to host a sex party but couldn’t get things going? Or have you hosted a sex party but felt that some vital ingredient was somehow missing? You’re invited to Play Party Production, a new workshop hosted by Hacienda founder and sex positive activist Andrew Sparksfire and sex party expert and relationship coach Effy Blue. Drawing from their collective eleven years of experience attending and producing sex parties in New York City and in New Orleans, Andrew and Effy will give you the tools to throw the best sex party of your life! We will show you how to create an environment so magical that your guests will literally want to peel off their clothes at the door. We’ll go through everything it takes to be a responsible host: How to curate your guest list, how to ensure safety and comfort, how to use Guardians to eliminate the “creepy person” syndrome, how to prevent consent violations before they occur, and how to set expectations so that your guests behave in a way that maximizes the fun for everyone and minimizes the drama. We’ll have practical tips on everything from bed-to-guest ratio, managing a coat check and bar, what to stock up on and why, and how to select the best lighting, music, and décor. We’ll combine learning with hands-on exercises. Come join us and let us be your partners in creating an experience that your guests will never forget!