Educators Profile - Tric & Monee, "The Electrics"

Tric & Monee, "The Electrics", own Living Sexy Radio, with the popular show Connections, which is a nightly funny sexy relationship show heard on AM & FM radio in Florida. They also own, a worldwide dating/swinging web site with 50,000 members in the US and over 300,000 worldwide. Tric is a renowned educator in the swing and BDSM communities specializing in electro sex. Tric is an RF engineer and knows electricity.  Monee is an international swimsuit and fetish model who recently released her 2017 Chocolate Freedom Wall Calendar. They are both experienced in the Swinging and BDSM lifestyle and love sharing their knowledge and experience with other couples wanting to enhance their relationship.


Electric Classes at Naughty

1. Electro Sex - Introduction

Tric and his partner Monee will teach you how to have Electro Sex. You will learn about power boxes, wire leads, polarity, and settings. You will see how to connect you and your partner. Learn about electrodes you can stick to your skin, insert into your vagina or anus, or attach to your cock and balls.  You will learn about how the body flows electrical current to enhance men's rock hard erections that will stay hard during intercourse without the use of drugs. Women will learn how to sustain continuous orgasms and cum harder and deeper than ever imagined possible. This is a hands on demonstration and a good introduction to Electro Sex.
Every participant will receive a copy of Tric and Monee’s Electro Sex Guide for couples - a $10 value.

2. Electro Sex - Get Connected

Tric and his partner Monee will take what you learned in the Introduction class and let participants feel how electricity flows though their own bodies.  You will get to use the electrodes, use the power boxes, and begin experiencing what turns you on.  This class is limited to the first 10 couples and will be conducted in the nude.  You will choose what to try and how far you want to go.  Participants will be connecting electricity to their own bodies and will be in control of the intensity at all times.  This is a hands on demonstration and is your next step into Electro Sex.

Every participant will receive a copy of Tric and Monee’s Electro Sex Guide for couples and one set of electrodes - a $20 value

3. Electro Sex - Couples Intensive

Tric and his partner Monee will be showing couples how to have Electro Sex together.  You will take what you’ve learned about your own body, power boxes, and electrodes and take it to the next level by connecting together with your partner.  This class is limited to the first 5 couples and will be conducted in the nude.  You will be invited to have sex with your partner and feel how you can “play your partner like an orchestra” to achieve incredible states of ecstasy and mind blowing orgasms.  Participants will be in control at all times with the guidance of Tric and Monee.  Each couple will get some personal 2 on 2 time with Tric and Monee. This is a hands on demonstration and will open your eyes to a whole new way of having sex.

Every participant will receive a copy of Tric and Monee’s Electro Sex Guide for couples, one set of electrodes, and 25% off a private session with Tric and Monee - up to a $150 value

We will also be making appointments for private sessions (limited availability).

4. BDSM Relationships - 50 Shades of Power Exchange

Tric and Monee with discuss Dom/Sub Master/Slave BDSM relationships and the power dynamic as well as how to include this power exchange in your relationships. You’ll find out how dominant or submissive you are with our special LIVE D/s quiz.

What You'll Learn:
How to make sense of the different worlds of BDSM (D&S, B&D, S&M)
How to understand the psychology and power dynamics of a D/s relationship
How to determine whether you're primarily dominant or submissive
How to clarify boundaries and play safely, including the proper use of safe words
How to introduce an inexperienced partner to D/s play
How to use D/s language and communication to boost the intensity of your connection
How to decide whether to go public or semi-public with your lifestyle or keep it private
How to transform a vanilla relationship into an intense D/s-based one
How to affirm your special relationship with collars, tattoos, and more


5. Building Your Own Playroom

Many couples have an “extra” room in their home that they could make into a fun play space. Tric & Monee have all the details on how to create this space in your home, how to secure it, how to design it so that it creates a zen space, and what elements you need to make it the perfect place to play, get naked together, and invite couples over to really have some fun.
Bring your imagination and an idea of the space you'd like to transform.
Leave with a great plan to take home.


6. Sex Magic

Tric and Monee will conduct a group Sex Magic Class.  We will show you how to “manifest” what you want and need in your life through sex and orgasm.  Everyone in the class will be able to set boundaries and work with their desired partner, however, this is a group class and everyone will have the opportunity to work with others in the group with mutual consent.

This class is limited to the first 5 couples.  We will be conducting a beautiful eastern tantric ritual that is designed to take the incredible power of sex and orgasm and focus this power.  We will be using candles, incense, oils, massage, energy breathing, flowing energy through chakras, and tantric bi-aural music to achieve orgasmic edging, become multi-orgasmic, and bring your partner to the heights of ecstasy. This class will be conducted in the nude.

Every participant will receive a wonderful package of lubricants, incense, and a suitable for framing Sex Magick Guide created by Tric and Monee specifically for this event - a $50 value


A very limited number of private Sex Magick sessions with Tric and Monee will be available.