Educators profile: Mark Casey

Over the last 20 years, Mark has done extensive study in the fields of consciousness,  love, tantra and sexual yoga.  He has studied with many extraordinary teachers, including Ken Wilber, David Deida, Nicole Daedone, Arjuna & Chameli Ardagh,  Juliana Dahl, Deborah Anapol,  the late Robert Frey, Tony Robbins, Byron Katie and Deepak Chopra. His practice has been enriched and informedby Neo Tantra traditions, Daoist sexual energetic practices,  spiritual sexual teachings of theQuodouska, Orgasmic Meditation  and relationship/intimacy workshops sponsored by the Human Awareness Institute (HAI).  Fromthese many years of study and practice, Mark has developed his ownunique approach to teaching the art of erotic loving through personal transformation.

Mark’s background is eclectic, having founded and operating several successful service-providing companies.   Following service the U.S. Marine Corps as a Reconnaissance Platoon Commander, he completed graduate studies at the University of Virginia.    For over a dozen years,  he worked in partnership withDavid Neenan, who has made the philosophical principles of Buckminster Fuller accessible and understandable to many thousands.  While working with The Neenan Company, Mark was trained and certified as a Transformational Coach by Fred Kofman, PhD,  author of “Conscious Business”  and “Metamangagement,” and founding member of the business branch of Ken Wilber’s Integral Institute.

He has received advanced meditation instruction through Reggie Ray ofDharma Ocean  and Frank Berliner, author of “Bravery:  Living the Buddha Within You.”    He has served as a faculty member and coach in the Naropa University AuthenticLeadership Program. He received Tantra Teacher Training through Shawn Roop of

Mark is father to a son and daughter who have been two of his most profound teachers.    He lives in Boulder, Colorado.


Living Your Erotic Potential

My mission is simple; I am here to help you live your Erotic Potential as the foundation of a happy, fulfilling life.    To do that, you will likely need to move beyond some of the conditioning you have received around sex and relationship.    I am here to support you as a coach on this journey.

Sex is tragically misunderstood in our society.  We get contradictory advice (often unsolicited) from family, teachers, religious institutions, and even well-meaning therapist who are dealing with their own shame around sex.   Despite all of the mixed messages we get, sex is wonderfully good, and offers the promise of improving all aspects of human life.    

Fortunately, for us as individuals and couples, a new day is dawning. The purpose of this class is to affirm the essential goodness of sex and to provide you,  a map and set of tools for living your erotic potential to its fullest.

This class is for:

  • The couple who want to take expand, renew and intensify their erotic relating.
  • The man or woman who is in a relationship and want to bring more passion, joy and wildness into their intimate connection.
  • The person who is single by choice and wants to attract lovers or a partner.
  • The person who has recently become single, not by choice, and is ready to take her/his erotic life to the next level.

Come join us in a celebration or your sexuality and learn how to live your full erotic potential.

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