Sex Toy Review: FemmeFunn's Rock

Hey, kinky people. I'm back with another review. After a recent turn of wonderful events, you can now find me at the amazing place that has been providing these products- Le Sex Shoppe! 

Lucky for me, I now have the opportunity to oversee inventory and personally choose items that I think you'd really love. 

One of these items is FemmeFunn's Rock.  

Working in a sex shop and being a user of all sorts of sex products, rechargeable vibrators can get pretty pricey. Brands like Lelo and JimmyJane can cost you well over a hundred bucks. These products are known for their durability and customer satisfaction but if you're just getting started on your toy journey, paying that much for a product is hard to do. Especially when you aren't sure you will like that product. 

The need for an affordable, high-end vibrator became a journey of mine and led me to the discovery of FemmeFunn. Aside from their really attractive packaging, FemmeFunn offers a range of rechargeable vibrators. Most of them are between 45 to 150 in price. I was able to try the Rock, a mini device comparable to the ever-so-popular Magic Wand. The Rock is waterproof, rechargeable and will hold that charge for a little over two hours. Here are some of the things I found: 



As previously discussed, I'm not a really a clit girl. What I mean by that is that traditional external vibrators rarely do anything for me. They feel pleasurable, but can rarely bring me to orgasm. I was surprised to find that I really REALLY enjoyed the Rock. The Rock is small and discreet. Honestly, it looks like a microphone. When it's laying around the house, I don't think anyone would really guess that it is a vibrator. It works essentially the same as the Magic Wand. The round end vibrates at 7 different modes. The vibration itself is powerful considering its small size. My partner and I decided to get freaky after she bound my arms and legs with some rope courtesy of Happy Kitten and from there she used the Rock to stimulate my clit. 

The Rock gets the job done. The vibrational speeds are fun and the silicone feel is smooth but sturdy. It had been a very long time since I had been so happy and fulfilled with an external vibrator. 

I was so happy, in fact, that I found myself using it in masturbation as well. The Rock is also great to stimulate nipples and other intimate areas of the body.  

The Rock cost 80$ which is half the price of the Magic Wand. SUPER AFFORDABLE for a rechargeable vibrator.  It is also very easy to operate. To turn on the Rock, you simply hold the power button down until the light comes on. Once the light is on, a click to the plus sign will bring it through the different modes. To turn off, you hold the power button down once more. Pretty self explanatory compared to some vibrators. 



I honestly don't even know what I would say negative about this product which is strange because, like I said, it wouldn't be a product I would normally buy. Using the Rock made me want to open my mind to other external vibrators that I would normally say no to. I guess if there's anything bad to say about the Rock it's that the only color it comes in is pink and, currently, it is only available in stores. That means no online purchasing unfortunately. There is also not a year warranty on the Rock but other FemmeFunn products have one. 


Le Sex Shoppe does carry this product in store as well as other FemmeFun toys. Stop by the shop, come say hi, and get your kink on!  

JonGunnar Gylfason