Is it Your First Time on a Lifestyle Cruise?

For some of you, this may not be your first experience.  You've entered the magical world of this lifestyle and you love it.  We do, too.  For others, though, the thought may be a little bit frightening or you may not know what to expect.  We understand, and we are here to ease your troubled thoughts.  Here's some great tips and advice that we've learned that we think will help. 

1. You do not have to participate. The great thing about our cruise is that although we have people from the lifestyle attending, you do not have to do anything you are uncomfortable with.  Want to be naked?  Go right ahead.  Want to stay covered up?  We don't mind.  This cruise is an adult cruise and that means we are more concerned about your fun and freedom.  Do what you are comfortable with and if you want to try something new, what a great place to try it!   

2. Watch first, play later.  A great way to start is by simply watching others.  On our ship, we have the perfect playroom.  You do not even have to enter the playrooms if you do not want to.  If you are curious, though, come stop by.  The first night, we always have an hour long preview where you can tour the playrooms, ask questions and see what they are all about before anyone is actually using them. 

3. Talk to your partner beforehand.  As a new couple, you should talk together about what your expectations are of both yourself and your partner, and any ground rules that may aid in your first lifestyle experience. (Of course these rules may change but it's good to establish some for the first experience so that you are both on the same page). Communication between you and your partner both before and during your experiences is the key to having a pleasurable first experience

4. Ask questions. The great thing about being on a lifestyle cruise is that there will be plenty of people there to answer all of your questions.  Even actual educators!  Scared?  Worried?  Excited?  Confused?  Just ask someone. We are friendly folk, after all, and it’s a good ice-breaker.

JonGunnar Gylfason