Educators Profile: Lady Karma

We are excited to Welcome, Lady Karma. Well Cultured Multilingual Domina, Dance Performer and Internationally
Published Pro Model to the LA Cruise.

Karma, raised in Russia, has traveled Internationally for years before Residing in The USA. Through her Global Travel experiences, that she Loves to Share with others, She Realized the importance Kinky pleasures gave to people and has
embraced the role She now possesses and shares with the masses as she Lectures, Trains and Sessions At home and
abroad. You may have personally Met or Experienced her talents on a Couples cruise or previous Naughty Nawlins Event
or You may have missed a past opportunity, but the chance is coming up again to fulfill your Desire.
Regarded by many as Mistress of Domination and Kinkster of Fluff, Lady Karma enjoys using pain as an element of surprise mixed with pleasure. She also offers role playing and Kink experience beyond Torture: such as Fluffy Flogging, Scratching, Tickling, Tease, Foot Worship and other innocent requests. The curiosity of first Timers have opened up many minds, as she individually guides each person or couple through a new Experience. So, from Mild to Wild, Feather to Cane She offers either extremity in a comfortable safe and Sane environment.
Words From Karma :
“I am very excited Being Invited to return again to Couples Cruise as an educator and fellow party goer. This is an Event I never want to miss and Its My pleasure to take time during this trip to do what I enjoy most, educating and sharing
my knowledge to the mysteriously curious as well as seasoned Kinksters, in an action packed freestyle environment that I cannot Ever Imagine to Be duplicated “
Don't miss a seminar, Show or advanced class with Karma. To book a private BDSM session or private Couples education session with her or to Inquire about the rare Opportunity of getting Kinky pictures with her for a keepsake you won’t forget, visit her website Below. Her time slots Fill in fast so Don’t wait to long.

Ask a Mistress – 1hour. Curious about what a Mistress Does? Why she does it? What concerns she May have? What are different types of Scenes requested, how are they handled? Boundaries? Whatever the Question may be, this would be your time to ask in this open Forum and receive candidly answered questions during this Fun, unique and Live Discussion. Speaker Lady Karma
Are you kinky?

1 hour Discover what constitutes "kink", whether you are indeed a fetishist, and what to do if you think you may in fact be kinky!
This is an open discussion forum led by Lady Karma.

Bottoms Up 1-1/2 hours Who doesn't want an excuse to play with butts? You will discover some tips and tricks on how to prolong your partners pleasure with each stroke of a hand, Flogger (or other implements for those more adventurous). Every butt is different, and every cheek must have a unique approach! It’s not about just swinging you hand it’s about Doing it correctly without harm all while creating pleasure, whether in the bedroom or One of those sexy secret public moments when you can make that innocent smack
create a sparkle in the eye instead of an ordinary ouch! Please feel free to bring your favorite toys.

The Sting 101 /1-1/2 hour
You have determined you may be Kinky but may be afraid, listen up cry baby! It’s not all about pain. in this workshop, you will learn the basic elements of pain vs. pleasure of pain. Together will take a little tour of some of the basic fetish techniques that are used to stimulate our endorphins from Sensual Feathers, tickling pinwheels to Flogging and even spark it up with a little Electricity and some other interesting implements that may surprise you and your partner adding a new element of spice into your playtime. Bring
anything you would like to this hands-on session!  Max 16 people so book early Lady Karma

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