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If you went to Naughty in Nawlins' then you probably met Dragonfly!  Lucky for us, she'll also be attending both Naughty in Los Angeles and the Naughty Cruise.  Her events have been known to improve sensuality within relationships and you'll leave our Naughty party with your lover happier than ever! Keep reading to hear more about what she will be offering.  

The closer to October we get, the faster we fill up.  Make sure you secure your spot so that you can have an adventure with us! 

About Dragonfly

I'm sure you've heard that the incredible Dragonfly will be joining us both at Naughty in Los Angeles as well as the Naughty Cruise! Some of you may be asking who Dragonfly is.  Well, Dragonfly is a internationally recognized Somatic Trained Sexologist, Intimacy Coach, CSB (Certified Sexological Bodyworker), Somatica Practitioner and Pleasure Advocate. Working with individuals, couples, and groups; she focuses on facilitating a deeper exploration of self-acceptance, true mindfulness, breath work, touch, and full erotic expression. She encourages sexual pleasure and experimentation, emphasizing experiential learning through mindfulness and self-connection to deepen your erotic capacity. Dragonfly is a sex-positive advocate recognizing that sexual well-being is an important part of an overall healthy lifestyle.



“I am a sensationist, self-pleasuring lover, and I enjoy using breath, touch, and movement to connect with my inner most erotic energy.”


Dragonfly offers hands-on techniques to explore new ways of experiencing amazing sex and intimacy. Whether working in her famous “Pleasure Playshop" format or in private sessions, her goal is to help you discover your most erotic, sexual, and loving self. She is also the host of Pure Orgasmic Love Podcast. Where she and her co-host E (Erik) of Evolution Erotic talk openly and honestly about sexual wellness, love and relationships in a fun and edutainment way!

“I am thrilled with tingles to get erotically hands on with everyone this year and to expand their sexual enlightenment and sooo looking forward to hugging as many sexy humans as I can!”

You won’t want to miss a seminar or one of Dragonfly’s famous “Pleasure Playshops”, pre-register while there is space still available, and keep reading to learn more about what to expect on the Couples Cruise and Naughty in Los Angeles


Seminars in Los Angeles

If you are attending, Naughty in Los Angeles, you will have an opportunity to attend these seminars with Dragonfly.  These are just a few educational classes she will be offering.  Attendance to these seminars are complimentary when you purchase a ticket to Naughty in Los Angeles:

Ask for What You Want
Asking for what you want is hard. Where do you even start and how do you get more of what you want? That is something that is on all of our minds. Find out what it is to ask, listen, negotiate, and receive with pleasure. We could all use a little more pleasure in our lives, let's start asking for it!

    Presented by: Dragonfly of Pure Orgasmic Love
    When: Wednesday October 4, 2017 10:00am- 11:00am
    Naughty Cruise- Vienna Meeting Room Pearl- Deck 6
Monkey Prostitution & Cock Blocking Bees : Lessons on Relationships and Sex from the Natural World.     
One night stands, strange gifts, odd shaped genitals, mate swapping, we all have a few crazy sex and relationship stories, even mother nature. E will explore the fascinating and sometimes confusing world of attraction, mating, and relationships. By looking at both human and non-human relationships he will discuss what we can learn from nature and what we may want to avoid.

    Presented by: E of Evolution Erotic
    When: TBD

Dragonfly on the Naughty Cruise


I sure hope you bought your tickets for the party after the party.  Immediately following Naughty in Los Angeles, we will be going on a Naughty CruiseDragonfly will be there, too! This time, she's offering even more great events.  These events are all paid and have limited availability.  If you'd like to attend, please make sure to pre-register as slots will fill quickly! Here's what you have to look forward to:

Arousal of the Magic Stick *Limited Attendance*
Slowly wake up your mans “neighborhood” edging his pathway to ecstasy in this focused Playshop just for him! Find all his pleasure zones, it’s not just about the stroke ya know. Slide your way to areas that make him pulse and throb, taking him to the brink and back again.    
*Clothing optional. Hands on. Orgasms welcome. Personal attention with Dragonfly*

  Presented by: Dragonfly
  When: Wednesday October 4, 2017 2:30pm - 4:30pm
  Located: Library/Tantra Lab Pearl - Deck 12

Female Arousal of the Yummy Bits*Limited Attendance*
Oooo the beauty of the yummy bits down below… How every flower is delicate and unique. Where do you find the places that resonate with the most satisfaction? Lets explore your yummy bits on a journey to map all of those special spots that bring you the most exhilarating pleasure. What techniques stimulate and make you the most juicy? Let’s find your arousal potential using a variety of touch, pressure and tempo, among other practices. This Pleasure Playshop will give your partner the understanding and map to stimulate you into all your wet wildness!
*Clothing optional. Hands on. Orgasms welcome. Personal attention with Dragonfly*

  Presented by: Dragonfly
  When: Friday October 6, 2017 12:00pm - 2:00pm
  Located: Bliss Ultra Lounge Night Club Deck 7

Sensual Rope *Limited Attendance*
The lights dim, soft music plays, a warm woody odor fills the air, your partner softly whispers in your ear just how much they enjoy restraining you. Rope doesn’t need to be intimidating, it can be sensual and sexy too. Join E and Dragonfly as they present a hands-on Pleasure Playshop where you will learn some rope basics and then some erotic and sensual ways to use it to heighten your experience. If you are new to rope or have some experience, this playshop will provide a unique and exciting twist on one of our favorite bedroom accessories. This Playshop is experientially based so come ready to play, oh and take some Happy Kitten Rope home to continue your explorations.
*Clothing optional. Hands on. Personal attention with E & Dragonfly*

  Presented by: E of Evolution Erotic & Dragonfly
  When: Friday October 6, 2017 2:30pm - 4:30pm
  Located: The Lifestyle Card Room/+1 Deck 12

Evolution of Desire Seminar  
We as a species have evolved a variety of desires. Have you ever wondered where those yearnings come from? Join E as he discusses the biological foundation that shapes many of our physical and intimate desires. Understanding the underlying reasons we crave certain things can help us to better understand ourselves and how to enhance our relationships with our partners.

  Presented by: E of Evolution Erotic
  When: Friday October 6, 2017 10:00am - 11:00am
  Located: Vienna Meeting RoomPearl - Deck 6

Sexsations *Limited Attendance*
Ooo all of the sensations… “yes right there and there, with this and that”… Journey with your blindfolded partner through a guided buffet of sensations. Watch them react to every new sensation you provide. In this Pleasure Playshop you are using the sensation tools provided in your take home pleasure play box to stimulate the senses as they travel further into their bliss to discover the delicious edges of soft and hard pleasure.
*Clothing optional. Hands on. Orgasms welcome. Personal attention with Dragonfly.*

  Presented by: Dragonfly
  When: Friday October 6, 2017 5:00pm - 7:00pm
  Located: Library/Tantra Lab Pearl - Deck 12



Private Pleasure Sessions


Looking to have some one on one time with Dragonfly?  No worries!  She offers that too but please keep in mind that spots are limited. Through experiential learning with private sessions, Dragonfly can provide tools to help you be more present and connected in your body, experience more pleasure, discover your authentic sexual desires, and be more embodied during intimacy and sex.

Expressing your needs and desires without shame or guilt can make your sexual relationships more passionate, more fulfilling, and far more satisfying.  Is your body calling you to book some time with Dragonfly or want to find out more? Just shoot her an email at

More About Private Sessions

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