Couples Who Learn Together, Stay Together

Couples Who Learn Together, Stay Together

On a Couple's Cruise, we have all the classes you could possibly want to take.  What's even better, though, is that most of these classes are designed specifically for couples.  That means you and your partner get to share the experience together.  We've found that most people walk away from these workshops feeling closer and more passionate towards their lover. In this newsletter, we talk a little more about some of the amazing classes you can expect to attend.  Each year, we try to bring you the best in the industry. 

Outside of the cruise, some of these classes can cost over hundreds of dollars.  On here, though, you'll get to attend as many claases as you want for no cost. Every instructor and almost every subject (including Tantra, Massage, BDSM, and many other subjects) have a full schedule of free classes.

We do have a few paid workshops available. These are restricted to low attendance counts, are much longer, more intense and usually hands on. Like booking an excursion, these workshops are for those looking for a more advanced learning opportunity.

Naughty in L.A. is right before.  Hope you haven't forgotten about our three day party event in Los Angeles.  Book both today and have fun with us for a whole week!

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Do You Know About the Norwegian Pearl?

Couples Cruise would like to invite you to experience the wonders of getting aboard the Norwegian Pearl. Her chic bowling alley, sixteen dining options, fifteen bars and lounges, dazzling casino, tranquil spa, and spacious Garden Villas are just a few things that make this Jewel Class cruise ship a destination of her own.

Norwegian Pearl is a fantastically fun ship from its imaginative decor (blown-up photos of wild animals or foreign landmarks in stairwells, jewel-tone carpeting, a Victorian/steam punk-style vibe in the nightclub ) to the variety of onboard activities. This might be the "sexiest" ship we have ever chartered. Add a bunch of sexy people and we have a winner...

One of the best features of this charter is that NCL has “Freestyle Dining”. Most cruise lines have assigned tables and assigned times to eat for every cabin, but NCL allows their passengers to eat where and when they want. It has always been very difficult for our past charters to adopt our “open seating” policies, because their kitchen and wait staff are not used to this concept (causing long lines on some ships). This is what NCL does and they do it well. We won’t need any training as this is how they serve their passengers year round.

Take Classes with the Electrics

You may have heard about Tric and Monee or the Electrics because of their famous radio show Connections. Tric is a renowned educator in the swing and BDSM communities specializing in electro intimacy. Tric is also an RF engineer and knows electricity.  Monee is an international swimsuit and fetish model. They are both experienced in the Swinging and BDSM lifestyle and love sharing their knowledge and experience with other couples wanting to enhance their relationship. Here are some of the classes you will be able to take:


  • Electro - Introduction - Tric and his partner Monee will teach you how to have Electro intimacy. You will learn about power boxes, wire leads, polarity, and settings. You will see how to connect you and your partner. Learn about electrodes you can stick to your body.  You will learn about how the body flows electrical current to enhance men's erections that will stay hard during intercourse without the use of drugs. Women will learn how to sustain continuous pleasure that is harder and deeper than ever imagined possible. This is a hands on demonstration and a good introduction to Electro.

  • Electro- Get Connected- You will take what you learned in the Introduction class and let participants feel how electricity flows though their own bodies.  You will get to use the electrodes, use the power boxes, and begin experiencing what turns you on.  This class is limited to the first 10 couples and will be conducted in the nude.  You will choose what to try and how far you want to go.  Participants will be connecting electricity to their own bodies and will be in control of the intensity at all times.  This is a hands on demonstration and is your next step into Electro.

  • Electro- Couples Intensive- The Electrics will be showing couples how to use Electro together.  You will take what you’ve learned about your own body, power boxes, and electrodes and take it to the next level by connecting together with your partner.  This class is limited to the first 5 couples and will be conducted in the nude.  You will be invited to have intimacy with your partner and feel how you can “play your partner like an orchestra” to achieve incredible states of ecstasy and mind blowing pleasures.  Participants will be in control at all times with the guidance of Tric and Monee.  Each couple will get some personal two on two time with Tric and Monee. This is a hands on demonstration and will open your eyes to a whole new way of being intimate.

  • BDSM Relationships- 50 Shades of Power Exchange - Tric and Monee with discuss Dom/Sub Master/Slave BDSM relationships and the power dynamic as well as how to include this power exchange in your relationships. You’ll find out how dominant or submissive you are with our special live D/S quiz.

  • Building Your Own Playroom - Many couples have an “extra” room in their home that they could make into a fun play space. Tric & Monee have all the details on how to create this space in your home, how to secure it, how to design it so that it creates a zen space, and what elements you need to make it the perfect place to play, get naked together, and invite couples over to really have some fun. Bring your imagination and an idea of the space you'd like to transform. Leave with a great plan to take home.

  • Pleasure Magic - Tric and Monee will conduct a group Pleasure Magic Class.  We will show you how to “manifest” what you want and need in your life through intimacy.  Everyone in the class will be able to set boundaries and work with their desired partner, however, this is a group class and everyone will have the opportunity to work with others in the group with mutual consent.This class is limited to the first 5 couples.  We will be conducting a beautiful eastern tantric ritual that is designed to take the incredible power of intimacy and focus this power.  We will be using candles, incense, oils, massage, energy breathing, flowing energy through chakras, and tantric bi-aural music to achieve edging and bring your partner to the heights of ecstasy.

As you can see, some of these classes will have a limited amount of spaces.  Make sure you book today to learn with the Electrics. 


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Take Classes with Karma

Karma is back with us and we are thrilled.  She's just as thrilled, too!  Here's what she had to say about being back with Couples Cruise:

“I am very excited about being invited to return again to Couples Cruise as an educator and fellow party goer. This is an event I never want to miss and it's my pleasure to take time during this trip to do what I enjoy most, educating and sharing my knowledge to the mysteriously curious as well as seasoned Kinksters, in an action packed environment that I cannot ever imagine to be duplicated."

You won't want to miss a seminar, show or advanced class with Karma.  Here's what we are offering with Karma on this cruise this year:

  • Ask a Mistress – 1 hour. Curious about what a Mistress does? Why she does it? What concerns she may have? What are the different types of scenes requested, how are they handled? Boundaries? Whatever the question may be, this would be your time to ask in this open forum and receive candidly answered questions during this fun, unique and live Discussion.

  • Are you Kinky? - 1 hour. Discover what constitutes kink, whether you are indeed a fetishist, and what to do if you think you may in fact be kinky!

  • Bottoms Up - 1-1/2 hours. Who doesn't want an excuse to play with butts? You will discover some tips and tricks on how to prolong your partners pleasure with each stroke of a hand, flogger (or other implements for those more adventurous). Every butt is different, and every cheek must have a unique approach! It’s not about just swinging your hand it’s about doing it correctly without harm all while creating pleasure, whether in the bedroom or one of those hot secret public moments when you can make that innocent smack create a sparkle in the eye instead of an ordinary ouch! Please bring your favorite toys. Forty per person or sixty per couple.

  • The Sting 101 - 1-1/2 hour. You have determined you may be Kinky but may be afraid.  It’s not all about pain, though. In this workshop, you will learn the basic elements of pain vs. pleasure of pain. Together will take a little tour of some of the basic fetish techniques that are used to stimulate our endorphins from sensual feathers, tickling pinwheels to flogging and even spark it up with a little electricity, and some other interesting implements that may surprise you and your partner by adding a new element of spice into your playtime. Bring anything you would like to this hands-on session! Forty per person sixty per couple. Max sixteen people so book early.

To book a private BDSM session or private couples education session with her or to inquire about the rare opportunity of getting Kinky pictures with her for a keepsake you won’t forget, visit her website below. Her time slots fill in fast so don't wait too long.

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