Hypnotizing Deals

Hypnotizing Deals

Bet you didn't think you'd find a hypnotist on Couple Cruise.  What we love about our cruises is all the different kinds of entertainment we offer.  We pride ourselves on offering classes and workshops you've probably never even heard of or experienced. Couples Cruise is also right around the corner. A little over a month away and you'll be sailing with us on the most epic ship you've ever encountered.  The date is almost here so we've offered some last minute specials.  Make sure you take advantage of these deals because we won't be offering them again.  This may be your last chance to join us and we would rather you be partying with us.

Don't forget about Naughty in L.A. before Couples Cruise.  Book your cabin on the cruise and party with us before we even leave land. 

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Cabin Deals

Limited Number of Special Deals Remaining.

Get One of These Last Minute Deals While You Can!


If you want to come on Couples Cruise, but are waiting for the right deal, this is it!.  There are only 10 Inside Guarantee cabins left.  This is the lowest prices you can get to be on board the ship.  These cabins are only $599 per person.  Make sure to book today instead of waiting for something better.  This is the best you are going to get!  

Our inside cabins start at $672 per person and go up to $699 per person. Let us pick your cabin and you can save up to $100 per person.  That extra $200 will give you lots of spending money on board, in port, or in your pocket.

We still have a few Oceanview cabins at amazingly low rates. Having a view of the ocean will give your room a great atmosphere while also making it feel more open and relaxing. Secure your spot now to get a view. Prices will automatically go up when these cabin sell.

 Our Mini Suite Deal is almost over! There are only four more free drink packages available to those that book a Mini Suite.  Mini Suites are much larger that the Balcony cabins and there is a tub in your bathroom! These suite also have a bigger balcony... a great place to entertain! If you're planning on getting a suite, now is the time to do so.  Everything is going quickly the closer we get to October.  

To get this deal Just enter the words "Suite Deal" in the comments block when you book your cabin. All Mini Suites are on Deck 11.


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Brian Madrid is Joining Us!

We are very excited to have Brian Madrid on Couple's Cruise with us! Brian is a hypnotist, keynote speaker and entrepreneur who specializes in Erotic Hypnosis. His expertise is the subconscious mind and Brian often travels the US and internationally performing hypnosis shows, presenting hypnosis workshops, hypnotherapy sessions and keynote speeches to major organizations.  He will be joined by his beautiful assistant Lacey.

Brian says,"Both of us are excited be a part of Naughty in LA and the Naughty Cruise!  We can’t wait to see old friends and make new ones, so make sure you come up and say hi!"


Erotic Hypnosis Show

Want to know what to expect from Brian and his beautiful assistant Lacey?  Well join us for his hilarious Erotic Hypnosis Show which is always a crowd favorite.  Brian has created and designed a one of a kind erotic hypnosis show that's naughty, provocative and hot.  The volunteers become the stars of the show and will be talked about long after the event is over.  Watch your friends or even your spouse as they believe they are the worlds hottest strippers, men believe they most intimate parts have disappeared and then reappear in gigantic form, and many other hilarious situations.

Everyone who sees this show really enjoys it. For that reason, this show has been standing room only by the time it starts, so make sure you come early to get a seat. We promise you won't want to miss it.

Hypnosis Question and Answer

Brian will be sharing many things with us aboard Couple's Cruise.  He will also be offering a Q&A about hypnosis.  Please join us in this casual and laid back hypnosis Q&A.  We won’t be hypnotizing anyone during this Q&A but will be discussing what exactly is hypnosis and answer any questions you may have.  Hypnosis is 100% real and is used in hospitals and the medical community for pain control, weight loss and to quit smoking.  Unlocking your subconscious mind can make you go from good to great in anything that you do….even in the bedroom!  With hypnosis, it really is limitless in what you can accomplish.

Erotic Hypnosis Workshop: Becoming a Better Lover Through Hypnosis

Maybe you're so interested in Brian's work that you'd love to have some private time with him.  No worries!  We will be offering a class with him.

Want to be more confident? Last longer? Be more receptive? The secret to being a mind blowing lover is your subconscious mind. Hypnosis can help you become a better lover and enjoy intimacy even more than you already do.  This is a complete hypnosis and self-hypnosis audio and video course where you will  receive hypnosis audio program throughout the next 12 months.

$197 a couple.  Space is limited. Class is limited 10 couples and will only be offered once at each Naughty in L.A. and the Naughty Cruise.  To register for a this workshop, visit www.brianmadridspeaker.com/order or email brian@brianmadridspeaker.com or text Brian at 618-530-8220


Individual Private Hypnotherapy Sessions

Still not satisfied?  After reading all about hypnosis, you're ready to dive in super deep.  We knew you would which is why Brian will also be offering private one on one sessions! Private sessions for weight loss, stop smoking, bringing out your psychic abilities and many more are available.  This session will also include the online audio and video self hypnosis program where you will receive monthly audio hypnotherapy recording specific to what your session is for.

$147 for a private session and is for one person. Brian will only be able to do a limited number of sessions at both Naughty in L.A. and the Naughty Cruise.  To register for a private session visit www.brianmadridspeaker.com/order or email brian@brianmadridspeaker.com or text me at 618-530-8220


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