10 ways to get around in the French Quarter.

Getting around the French Quarter is pretty easy, here is a comprehensive guide on how to get around the French Quarter (& beyond).


This is the simplest and easiest way to get around, plus, it’s good for you. The French Quarter is only 6 blocks high by 13 blocks wide. There is some additional partial blocks that include the Woldenberg Park, the Aquarium, Canal Place and the French Market. Founded in 1791, New Orleans’ French Market is the oldest public market in the country.

We love walking on the levee, which goes from the Aqaurium all the way to the French Market and has great views of the Mississippi River.



Pedicabs are great. They charge $1 per person, per block. They are a great way of seeing the Quarter at a slower pace, allowing you to see more as the world goes by. Note: We don’t list the yellow pedicabs, because they are kept outside and are in much worse condition, so we tend to promote the red and the white pedicabs.

Another option is rent a pedicabs for about $60 an hour. This is a great way to see a lot of the quarter than you could by walking.

The Red Pedicabs – 504-274-1300

The White Pedicabs – 504-488-6565




We love to bike in this city. See the great folks downstairs at Crescent City Bike Rentals & Tours. They can rent you a bike or you can sign up for a tour with them. We rent from them and we have been very pleased.

Crescent City Bike Rentals & Tours

626 N Rampart St, New Orleans, LA 70112 – 504-322-3455


American Bicycle Rental

325 Burgundy St, New Orleans, LA – (504) 324-8257
Ride this Bike

231 Dauphine St, New Orleans, LA – (504) 324-2492


Segway Tours

If you’ve never done a Segway Tour, New Orleans is a great place to give it a try. It only takes a few minutes to a hang of them and you will feel like a pro by the end of the tour. More than just getting around, these tours will give you a lot of information on the city’s history and architecture.

New Orleans Segway Tours

214 Decatur St, New Orleans, LA 70130 – Phone:(504) 619-4162



Electric Cars

New to the area are four and six passenger electric cars. The nice thing about these cars is that there are no sides, which gives you a great view while driving around. Another great reason to rent one of these cars is that you can get out of the Quarter and drive up St. Charles, go to City Park and see some of the area most visitors never see.


New Orleans Electric Cars – 504-274-2555



Taxis and Cabs

The easiest place to catch a cab, is at one of the city’s hotel cab stands. It is often a LOT easier than calling a cab.


Unlike most big cities, the cab service here is terrible. When you call a cab company expect them to tell you “Call us back in 15 minutes if no cabs show up and we’ll try again”. Seriously, it’s that bad and we are used to waiting 30 minutes to an hour on busy weekends (if a cab ever comes at all).


We have a driver that we prefer and his name is Mo. He has a beautiful, brand new, Suburban which can hold up to 7 people. Call him 1st if you want great service, a super clean car and a great guy. He can also book your pick up and drop off at the airport (for the same rate you would get at the taxi stand).


Driver: Mo – 504-220-7072

 United Taxi – 504-522-9771

United is the largest Taxi company in New Orleans, but their service has gotten worse and worse


N’awlins Cab – 504-522-9059

Like Uber, N’awlins Cab has an app. Unlike Uber, the app is not the best, but it’s better than nothing. Give it a try by searching for N’awlins Cab for either the iPhone or the Android.


Yellow/Checker Cab – 504-486-9967




For those that have not used Uber, it is fantastic. Just get the Uber app and set up an account and you are on your way. Unfortunately, Uber X (the most economical of the Uber options) is not yet available in New Orleans (but it’s coming!). They do have Uber SUV (the largest and most expensive Uber option) and Uber Black, which is like a Towncar service. We recommend Uber Black, especially if you are dressed up and going somewhere nice.


Note: this does cost more than a regular cab, but less than hiring a limo or a towncar service. Uber X will be cheaper than a cab, when it is finally available.




We highly recommend our friends from A Royal Coach. Mention Bob & Tess and they will give you the Rock Star rate. They can also do transfers to and from the airport.


A Royal Coach Limousine – 877-875-0723



Street Cars

We LOVE the streetcars (except when they are digging up the street in front of our house to put in a new streetcar line). It is a great way to go Uptown or up Canal St and there is even a short line on the river that will go from one end of the Quarter (by the French Market) past the Aquarium and to the convention center.


Cost for the street car is $1.25 per person, per way. So, for $2.50 you can go round trip from the Quarter to Uptown and back. The only drawback is that it is tough to get a street car on very busy weekends, so have a back up plan if you go Uptown and you can’t get back downtown.




We are not a fan of the bus service in New Orleans. You can certainly use them (same $1.25 price as the street car), but we don’t recommend using them. One nice perk is that they do have bike racks for those that want to ride a bus outside the quarter and pedal back.

JonGunnar Gylfason