Looking for Naughty Ambassadors


Looking for Naughty Ambassadors


Upcoming Ambassador Opportunities

Our events take a village and we have an amazing village of Ambassadors at each of our parties and cruises. The next year is going to bring lots of great opportunities for those that want to be part of the Naughty Team so we wanted to put all of those options here so you can start planning. See below for Fusion (Naughty Vegas), Naughty in N'awlins & Naughty Beach.

Coming soon... the Temptation Cruise! We will be picking an all star team for next year's Temptation Cruise, so sign up for one of this year's Naughty events to be in the running for this amazing cruise charter.

We are joining with two prominent promoters (Menage Life & Purrfect Parties LV) for Fusion, aka: "Naughty in Las Vegas" for Memorial Day weekend. The party is scheduled May 22-27 so people can head home on Sunday (if they want) to do Memorial Day with their family & friends. 

You will see plenty of the great things that made Naughty in N'awlins so popular (playrooms, seminars, amazing daytime (pool) parties, great entertainment and sexy erotic balls).

If you want to be an Ambassador couple for this event, click the button below (put which event you want to work in the comment section):
Sign Up Now For Vegas

Naughty in N'awlins

Naughty in N'awlins is our Signature event and the one that takes the biggest team to pull off. We are making changes to next year's event to make it easier on our Ambassadors. We are hiring a moving company to load in and out most of our production equipment so our team can focus on setting up, not moving stuff.

If you want to be part of next year's staff, get in on it early and secure your place by clicking the button below and putting NIN in the comments. If you want to sign up for both Vegas and NIN, make sure you let us know.
Sign up for NIN

Naughty Beach has only two spots open...

We have room for two couples at our upcoming Naughty Beach trip to Mexico. This is Mexico's only "Official Nude Beach". There won't be much to do, but you'll get the package ($700) comped, just pay for your room and your way there and back. 

You'll never get so much for so little work. No changing sheets, no set up or tear down. This is an easy week where you'll get plenty of sun and fun. Space is limited to two rooms, so contact us at 800-304-4493 as soon as possible so we can get you signed up.

For more info on this trip, go to our Naughty Beach Page.
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The Temptation Cruise is coming...
We are staffing the upcoming (Feb 2020) Temptation Cruise to run our playroom, as well as security, speakers, etc... We are not takig applications quite yet, but we will shortly. We will pick the top people from Vegas & New Orleans, so sign up, stand out and sail with us next February.
Note: Just by signing up to be Ambassadors does not ensure you will be confirmed. We get more applications than we can accept. We give priority to those past staff members that showed tremendous effort, but we are also looking for new blood and we rotate couples to give more chances to be part of our Naughty team.

Don't get mad because we don't use you for every event, keep applying and your chances will go up.
JonGunnar Gylfason