Naughty Hedo Week

Special Announcement: Naughty Hedo Week

What happens when the Naughty-est event heads to the Naughty-est Resort? You get Naughty Hedo Week of course.

Tess & Bob have been going to Hedo for 20 years and we have been to this resort more than any other clothing optional lifestyle resort, and there is a good reason why: We LOVE it! Now you can join Bob & Tess for an amazing week at Hedo, with all the fun things you’d expect at Hedo plus new contests, field trips and the Naughty Catamaran Cruise excursion. 

Prices start at only $287 per person, per night and includes all drinks, food and fun times.
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Take classes with Lady Karma.

Lady Karma is back with Naughty, and we're thrilled. And so is she! Here's what she has to say about the reunion:

“I'm very excited about being invited to return again to Naughty, as an educator and fellow party-goer. This is an event I never want to miss. It's my pleasure to take time during this trip to do what I enjoy most—educating and sharing my knowledge with the mysteriously curious, as well as the seasoned kinksters, in an action-packed environment that can't be duplicated anywhere else."

You won't want to miss a seminar, show or advanced class with Karma.  This year's sessions with Karma are:

  • Ask a Mistress. Curious about what a mistress does? Here's your chance to ask any questions you have, in an open and unique live-discussion forum. Get candid answers, in a supportive space.
  • Are you Kinky? Discover what constitutes "kink" and whether you are indeed a fetishist. And if the answer is (an emphatic!) yes, we'll help you explore what that means and what to do next.
  • Bottoms Up. Who doesn't want an excuse to play with butts? Come discover tips and tricks on how to prolong your partner's pleasure, with each stroke of a hand, flogger or (for the more adventurous among us) other implements. 
  • The Sting 101. You have determined that you may be kinky, but you're also a bit apprehensive.  It’s not all about pain, though. In this workshop, you'll learn the basic elements of pain vs. the pleasure of pain. Together, we'll take a tour of some fetish techniques used to stimulate endorphins, from sensual feathers and tickling pinwheels, to flogging. You may even catch a spark (with a little electricity!), and there will be other interesting implements that may surprise you and your partner. This promises to be a playful, entertaining and educational workshop. Bring anything you like to this hands-on session. Cost is $40 per person, $60 per couple. The max is 16 people, so book early.

To book a private BDSM or couples education session with Karma, or to inquire about the rare opportunity of a kinky photoshoot (with Karma, starring you), visit Karma's website below. Her time slots fill up fast, so don't wait.

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OK, so actually, drink packages are included for everyone, no matter who you book through. But it's always better to book directly with us. Why? Because we'll be there to help throughout your entire journey. We work directly with the cruise ship to make sure you have everything you need on-board. Book with us, and you know you'll be in great hands. This ship is gonna be a blast!

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