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Belize: We are going back!

We wanted to go back this year, but our Naughty in Las Vegas event popped up, but next year, we are going back to Belize to enjoy this beautiful Island and relax for the week. This was the most relaxing vacation Tess & I have had in years. The staff and the food were amazing, some of the best we have had on any lifestyle trip.

We are going live today (Monday, April 22nd), so you get the 1st chance to book a bungalow before they sell out. If you want to join us, just click the button below and sign up for next May's (2020) trip.

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Book Belize Now!

Main Hotel Sold Out!

We just sold out our main hotel in record time. We still have rooms available at the Saint Hotel where we have playrooms in the luxury suites St Michael and St Lucifer.

Friday night at the Saint will also have the burlesque show by Trixie minx at the main tower, book a sweet suite and you can still get in. Book now because those are going fast. 
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Support sexual freedom.

If you are coming to NIN, please join us at this parade and encourage your friends, family and partners to come out and support sexual freedom. This is really a big deal! It's the only place in the US where you'll find swingers, kinky couples, non-monogamous people and alternative-lifestyle-promoters and supporters marching together for a common purpose—to publicly support sexual freedom. Be part of our march, and help make a difference.

We encourage you to make signs before you come. Let's send a strong message—sexual freedom is worth fighting for.

Take a look at the gallery from our last parade here


Sexual Freedom Parade Gallery
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Naughty Beach main hotel is about to sell out.

One of the tings we just love about the Naughty Beach takeover is that all the hotels are boutique hotels. Villa Aikia is our main hotel and in the center of everything we will be doing at the beach and its about to be sold out. There are only three rooms left. 

Book now here and join the week long naked frolicking on the beach.

Naughty beach is a new week long event, taking place in November, on a beautiful clothing optional beach in Mexico. This isn't your typical resort city in a busy hotel zone, this is a remote area that hasn't been spoiled by massive amounts of tourists. Imagine going back in time and visiting Negril, Jamaica 40 years ago, Orient Bay before it was "discovered" or Playa Del Carmen in Mexico before all of the souvenir shops, Diamonds International and chain restaurants opened.

Book with us and you'll be in great hands. This is going be a blast! For more info on the Naughty Beach, go here. Click the button below to be a part of the Naughty Beach takeover now.
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