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Casting call

We have been asked to participate in a one hour documentary on the swinging lifestyle. We get requests from producers all the time and we research the show, the producers and we only work with highly ethical and credible people.

This show is being done by someone that has already done stories on swinging that were very positive and insightful. We are confident that this will be a great opportunity, for a few select couples, to show the world what this lifestyle is really about and to bring more understanding and acceptance to those that are different from what society considers "normal".

The filming will take place in private areas away from any of the main events.

Our #1 concern is always on our attendees privacy, so the filmmakers will be getting written express permission for including anyone's face or identity on camera. We will handle carefully where and when this filming occurs, to ensure privacy of guests.   

Here is the official casting call from the TV production company:


"An award-winning TV production company based in New York is currently developing a documentary with a journalist that will explore the relationships of married, or committed, swinging couples attending the Naughty ‘Nawlins lifestyle convention in New Orleans this July.

We are interested in featuring, in a documentary style way, real stories of couples in their home and during the event in New Orleans. This program does not require a huge time commitment. We would hope to spend approximately three days with each couple - one day at home and spread out over two days at the event. We are happy to refrain from using exact locations or last names, or can even change names altogether to make you more comfortable.

Our goal is to create a powerful hour that allows individuals to tell their own life story in their own words. It is a show that we hope will appeal to people’s humanity, touch their hearts and share important life moments."

What they are looking for

The production company is looking for a few specific "types" of couples, but even if none of these apply to you personally, they would be happy to connect over the phone! Please read below and if you think that your story would have appeal, fill out the questionnaire below and submit it to us:

  • An experienced couple – potentially an ‘Ambassador’ couple – who can show them around the various rooms (off hours) to explain some of the nuts and bolts of how the event works, how the different rooms are set up, etc. This couple would be their ‘seasoned experts.’ An Empty nest couple would be great.
  • A couple who are new to the swing lifestyle. They haven’t engaged in soft-swap or full swap. This is a chance for you to play voyeur and see if this is really for you. If you ultimately decide to observe only, that would be fine- it’s the “dipping the toes in the water” element that they think would be compelling.
  • A couple where the man wants to embrace his own bisexuality. This is a fresh evolution of this movement – even within the swinger lifestyle male bisexuality seemed taboo, but now it’s slowly being embraced.
  • An diverse couple. New Orleans, unlike much of the historical South, holds a unique reputation for people seeking change, cultural & sexual freedoms. For that reason, they feel that including an interracial couple could speak to the changes that have taken place, from the last century to today. 
  • A couple where one partner had a negative experience in the past with swinging. They're pretty open to any stories that people are willing to share. Their goal is to underscore the complex social interactions of living this lifestyle through the eyes of someone whose faced such challenges. 
  • An educational track expert. We are sending out this message to several expert presenters and speakers. If you know someone that you think would be an asset, please email me at and suggest them.
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Please send a good photo of the two of you to to complete the submission.