Naughty Teachers Standard Operating Procedures


These standard operating procedures are to ensure that all of our instructors understand all of their required duties and expected etiquette associated with our Naughty Events.

We don’t want any surprises and we have a set of standards that we are proud of and want to maintain for all of our future events.

If you have any questions, your main point of contact is JonGunnar, who can be reached at


Sending in Proposals

  1. We need the following list of things to be considered as a presenter at our events:
    1. A complete bio. Please be descriptive and include any titles, degrees, certifications and any credentials you might have.

    2. A good photo.

    3. A list of potential class titles with descriptions of the class/seminar.

  2. If you have presented before, we still need the above package. Just because you have presented before, this does not mean that we will automatically include you in all future events, we need to continuously add new speakers to keep the experience fresh and new and up to date. We would prefer new material, new photos and new class ideas each year.

After being approved, but before the event

  1. Once approved, we will set up your class/workshop/seminar online in our schedule. You will need to review your classes for accuracy and be responsible to set up your own individual bio.

  2. We’d like you to help us promote our event in your newsletters, on social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc…), at other events and by any means at your disposal. In return, we will include you in our Speaker Spotlight Profiles in our weekly newsletter, on our Social Media and on our online schedule.

  3. We will need a list of your production needs as soon as possible to give us as much time to prepare and plan as possible. Note We do not provide projectors or screens, they are the responsibility of the presenter.

  4. One month prior to the event we need the following:

    1. A list of any helpers, assistants, models, etc… We need their full names and contact info and if they are only assisting for your class, whether they are a paid attendee or if they want to attend more than just your session.

    2. A list of any special needs (beds, chairs, type of atmosphere, special lighting, temperature) or any other instructions that will help make your presentation successful.


At the event

  1. Teacher and his team needs to be present for welcome seminar to introduce themselves. Bob or JG will introduce you to the audience and you will have time to introduce yourself and explain about your seminar(s). Please keep this intro to no more than 5 minutes and keep this informative as possible without turning into a “hard sell commercial”.

  2. Try to make sure that you are in town for our Sexual Freedom Parade on Wednesday, July 25th. We would like to have you in a special “Presenter’s Section and we’d like for you to carry a sign with your name on the front (we will provide).

  3. Make an appointment with JG to visit the space you will be presenting in, so you know exactly what to expect and there are no questions at the start of your session.

  4. Teachers office hours; Pick a place where you are comfortable and make time available for a meet and greet. This could be you going to dinner and having people rsvp to join you. This could be you spending an hour poolside at the hotel chatting with people. This has been a great success for those teachers who have done it. Announce those hours to your people.


When it’s time for your class or workshop

  1. There are 30 minutes between classes, this gives the presenter 15 minutes to clean up and reset the room and the oncoming teacher 15 minutes to come in and get set up for their class.

  2. The presenter needs to be in touch with the teacher’s assistants (TA’s) roaming the floors and introduce themselves and what their needs are, before the class. You need to check the class 20 minutes prior to your scheduled time to ensure the space is ready and report any needs or concerns to the teacher’s assistants.

  3. The presenter or someone representing the presenter must be greeting guests at least 10 minutes before class starts.

  4. Classes need to start and end at the published times. There are no allowances to start or finish late. Some classes can allow for late comers and some classes are locked once they start, please see a teacher’s assistant to ensure that your door is either open or locked depending on your requirements. If the door is to be locked, then a sign saying that the “Class In Session - No Entry” is required to be posted on the door. The TA’s will have the signs available.

  5. At the end of class, the teacher is required to get the classroom space cleaned up and reset for the next class. It must be left just as you found it. You can elicit the help of the attendees to help make beds, clean up, move chairs and help maintain our standards.

  6. Find a TA to sign off that your room is ready for the next class.

  7. After each class students that are on have 3 days to leave a feedback for the classes. Encourage your students to leave feedback as it helps us and you to become better at what we are doing.


After the event

  1. We’d appreciate a follow up email recounting your experience and how we can improve.

  2. If there were any issues or suggested improvements, we’d like to hear them. If you had issues with any of our other presenters, teacher’s assistants, etc… please be specific as possible.

If you have gotten this far and you are still interested, there is one final consideration:


This is the number 1 question we get asked from potential presenters and teachers: “What do we get if we teach a class?” Read on to understand our current model:

1st and foremost our Naughty Events are attended by people looking for a fun, hotel takeover, lifestyle party. For many years, we didn’t have any classes or seminars, just theme nights, pool parties, bar takeovers and playrooms. As time went on, we had people ask for the opportunity to teach and we set up a few classes. These classes were mainly for new couples, so they could learn etiquette and help them navigate their way through a big event.

More and more people contacted us about teaching and our “Naughty School”, has grown to be the largest sex positive, educational conference in the country for lifestyle couples.

Most of our instructors do it because they love to share their skill or knowledge and they volunteer to teach one, sometimes two classes. Some are professionals and we compensate them with a reduced convention rate, to insure we can offer top quality instructors. Typically, we offer $150 per class in compensation, some of them teach enough classes that they pay no convention fee, or very little except for their rooms.

We have some speakers that are professional speakers, Dr.’s, sexologists or celebrities that do get their rooms comped and sometimes travel expenses depending on their impact on sales.

Some of these teachers will put on intense workshops where they charge money, to make the event worthwhile for them, because this is their profession. Any workshops that have fees are approved by us and they must teach free classes in addition to the paid ones.

Last year our classes peaked with 110 different workshops, classes and seminars and it was a little much to for us to handle, so we are cutting back our classes to a max of only 60 in 2018 (still a LOT!).

When you submit your application, list what compensation you would like to be considered for and we will get back to you on whether or not we can use you this year. We have a LOT of  people applying and we like to mix up each year with new and fresh subjects as well as presenters.