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Naughty in N'awlins

Welcome Aboard!

We here at Naughty Events would like to start off by thanking you. Thank you for being a vital part our team and making this year’s Naughty in N’awlins an event that will be talked about for years.

Whether you’re an ambassador, a staff member, a shift supervisor, DJ or a team member, you all are vital in creating the magic that is Naughty Events. We also know that most of this magic happens behind the scene, on installation and tear down days; we extend our gratitude again for playing an active role in every part of the creation of a Naughty Event or Cruise.

Each of you were hand selected, for your personality and skills, we know you will make a good representative for Naughty Events. We get asked by a lot of people if they can be on our team, but we are very selective and it is a privilege to be part of our team.

Every event and cruise is a separate project for us and each team member will be evaluated for each of our events and cruises. From time to time, we will change up our team in order to keep it fresh. It is not always a negative situation, if you do not get asked to work on a future Naughty Event; we may just be giving others a chance to experience being part of our team.

Please read through this manual and acquaint yourself with our policies. This will help us set the proper expectations and answer many questions that you might have. The better you understand our policies, show up on time for your duties and understand what is expected of you; the smoother the event will be and the better our team will work together.

We happily welcome you aboard. Now let’s start the show.

Bob Hannaford
Naughty Events, LLC




Standard Operating Procedures (S.O.P.) General Rules of Conduct and Standard Operating Procedures:

Conduct: As part of the Naughty Events team, you represent our company and our lifestyle. How you act and are perceived will directly affect our ability for us to produce future events. Therefore, it is extremely important to us to have the best, most professional and courteous staff possible.

Smile! - A smile goes a long way. Always be courteous and friendly, even when the attendees are not. We do not believe that the customer is “always” right, but they do have the right to be heard and to be considered with respect.

A story to inspire you when dealing with out-of-sorts attendees....

“ the fetish party, we had some people doing bad things on the piano, I walked over to them with a paddle in my hand and told them they were all naughty and would have to submit to spanking. They all immediately bent over and I laughed and then told them that they really can't do that in the club and asked if I could show them to the play rooms? They were all perfectly happy and danced all the way to the play room.”

Approaching Attendees: It is OK if a couple approaches you and you decide to join them later. We do not, however, want our staff, while on duty (and wearing one of our staff shirts) approaching anyone first.

Remember, when you are on duty, we are counting on you to make sure everyone is behaving correctly and the hotels and clubs are counting on us to ensure they don’t have any incidents that could negatively affect them or our event.

Off-Duty: While off duty, you can hang around in uniform (as long as you are not drinking). If you change out of your uniform, you can hang around the event areas and drink and socialize.

Drinking: No drinking (alcohol, of course) while on duty. Intoxicated team members (on duty) will be relieved of their shift and will not be able to continue as a Naughty Events team member.

Intoxicated team members while on duty will be notified that their actions are unacceptable and given one warning. If a 2nd episode occurs, they will be asked to leave and will not be asked back for any future Naughty Events or Cruises.

Rooms: We are reserving one room per two team members; all rooms will be shared. We have a limited amount of rooms in the main hotel that hold back for our Ambassadors. We do not comp rooms for Ambassadors, it is your responsibility to pay for your room.

You are responsible for all of all room charges while at the event.

Dress Requirements:

1. Dress Requirements

    a. Day Shifts – Bourbon St & seminar support shifts

        i.  Naughty Events Staff T-Shirt

        ii. Khaki Shorts, Pants, or Skirt

        iii. Name Badge - worn around your neck

        iv. Tennis shoes (white or navy preferred) or Comfortable Sandals

 b. Night

      i.  Naughty Events Staff Polo Shirt

      ii. Khaki Pants, Black/Blue Plain Dress Slacks, or Skirt (NO Shorts)

      iii. Dress Shoes

      iv. Name Badge - worn around your neck

      v. Hospitality Suite Exception

          1. Shorts can be worn in the hospitality suite at night.

2. Order of Communication

a. In the rare case that a situation occurs and the attendees are being unruly, this is the manner in which communications should travel.

    i. Ambassador Team

       1. Determine if you can handle the situation

       2. If not, alert Shift Supervisor

   ii. Staff Team

      1. Determine if you can handle the situation

     2. If not, alert Shift Supervisor

  iii. Shift Supervisor

     1. Determine if you can handle the situation

    2. If not, alert JonGunnar, or Tess or Bob, as necessary

    3. Bob should be the last to be contacted in the order of communication, but updated          for any issues that are significant.

Shift Duties:

1. Naughty Events Registration or Help Desk

   a. Report to Tess for details on duties

2. Pool, Ballrooms & Bourbon St. Bars, Piano Bar & Playfloor

    a. Roving Patrol - You are the eyes and ears of Naughty Events! The following is a list          of things to be aware of while on duty:

        i. Fighting:

           1. You may come across a couple, or any 2 people in a verbal or physical                              altercation (fight). Your job is not to break up a fight. If you see a verbal fight,                    ask them “Is everything O.K.?”. If they say yes, ask them if they mind going                        back to their cabin, because they are disturbing the other guests.

          2. If they refuse and continue to be disruptive, inform them that you will be forced                to bring in the hotel's/venue's security. If they still continue, call the supervisor                  and get ready to bring in the hotel's/venue's security.

         3. If it is a physical fight, immediately alert a Shift Supervisor and inform them that                 you are calling Hotel or the venue’s security. Clearly explain what you saw, what               they were wearing, where they are located and let them handle the situation.

             a. Hotel  Security: The hotel’s security has the proper training, equipment and                     facilities to deal with unruly, intoxicated and fighting guests. It is their                                 responsibility, and theirs alone, to deal with these situations. When in doubt,                     call them quickly before anything escalates.

     ii. Guest Drinking

        1. Bottles of liquor and outside drinks are not allowed to be brought into the pool                 area, ballrooms, the piano bar or any other private areas in the hotel. If you see a             bottle of liquor at someone’s table, or see them carrying it in the open, inform                   them that they must return it to their room.

       2. If you find someone intoxicated and disruptive, ask that person’s partner to bring             them back to their room. If they are both intoxicated, offer them a courtesy escort             to help both of them back to their room. If they refuse and are becoming a                       problem, alert the Shift Supervisor and call the hotel’s security.

    iii. Nudity & Conduct

        1. Our Staff’s main responsibility is to make sure there is no nudity (except on the                 main pool or the 3-6 pm Bourbon St Parties) and no sexual activity whatsoever in             any public areas or any of the Bourbon St Parties). We define sexual activity as                 any form of insertion into any bodily orifice, with “French Kissing” as the only                     exception. You need to walk casually around your assigned areas and simply                   keep an eye on the activities.

      2. If someone gets carried away, go to them and say, “I’m sorry, but you will have to              cover up, we simply cannot allow nudity in any public areas” or “I’m sorry, you’ll                have to take that to a private room” if you find anyone getting too frisky.

      3. Most couples will see you coming and realize that they are stepping over the line            and correct themselves without a word being said. You won’t have a problem with            most people once they have been corrected. If you have to correct a person                    twice say “Please, I have asked you once, you’re putting yourself and everyone               at the event at risk by not following the rules, I will have to call the hotel's/venue's           security if you can’t follow the rules.”

     4. If a person will not listen or has to be warned 3 times, call the Shift Supervisor and           point out the offenders. Point out any couples you have been having issues with             to other staff members, so they can keep an eye on them too.

3. Hospitality Suites & Dungeon

    a. Staff

        i. Fighting

          1. Please refer to the Fighting section listed above– Security Roving Patrol section               above

      ii. Guest Drinking

           1. Please refer to the Guest Drinking section listed above – Security Roving Patrol                section above

     iii. Guest Attire

          1. Hospitality Suite

             a. Street clothes are not permitted in the Hospitality Suites during operational                       hours

            b. Men must be in either a robe, towel, underwear, or pajama pants

            c. Women must be in either a robe, towel, underwear, pajamas, or lingerie

            d. Guest must change in their room or in our changing room on M2. Street                            clothes are not to be left at the entrance of the Play floor

       2. Plus One Club

          a. Same as 1 above (Playrooms)

      3. Dungeon

          a. Guest can be in fetish attire

          b. Maintenance

              i.  Fold Towels

                  1. Having folded towels for guest makes a great impression.

                 2. Please help fold as many towels as you can. Fold extra for the next shift.

             ii. Water Station

                 1. Keep the station replenished with fresh water and cups, keep area clean                          and tidy.

                2. Notify housekeeping if we get low on fresh water or cups.

           iii. Trash Cans

                1.  Make sure trash is properly disposed of in trash cans, change trash liners                          when necessary.

               2.  Make sure all trash cans lights are on, for ease of locating

               3.  If you see a guest improperly disposing of items (used condoms, baby                             wipes, etc.), please feel free to point them toward the nearest trash can.

         iv. Changing Sheets

             1. Assist in changing sheets and picking up used towels.

4. Meet&Greets

     a. Hosted M&G

         i. M&G that are sponsored by companies other than Naughty Events. (i.e. The                      Swingers Cruise, IOS Connections, CouplesXcape, etc.)

            1. Provide security at the entrance to the venue.

           2. Make sure attendees are behaving inside

    b. Pre-Parade M&G

        i. M&G that are sponsored by Naughty Events.

           1. Greet Attendees at M&G

              a. Located at the Shift Supervisor Check-In Station in the M&G file box

                  i. Markers are also in the M&G box

                 ii. Bring the posters to the Hustler Club and Hunk Oasis

         2. Approx attendance Count

            a. Please keep track of the number of patrons that attended the Meet & Greet

                i. Report Attendance numbers to your Shift Supervisor at the end of your shift.

5. Checking In to your shift – Team Members:

    1. Staff Teams & Ambassador Teams

       a. Check In with the shift Supervisor 5-10 minutes prior to the start of your shift at                 the Shift Supervisor Check-In Station.

           i. The shift supervisor will log your check in

          ii. The shift supervisor will be making rounds during your shifts to make sure you                  are in your designated area ii. Procure a radio from the Shift Supervisor during                  check in

        iii. If your Shift Supervisor is not available to check you in, please report to your                    designated area as assigned in your schedule.

       iv. The Shift Supervisor will come and find you and check you in

6. Checking Out of your shift – Team Members:

     1. Staff Teams & Ambassador Teams

        a. After your shift, Check –Out with the Shift Supervisor at the Shift Supervisor                     Check-In Station.

            i. The shift supervisor will log your check out

           ii. Return your radio to the Shift Supervisor during check out

Agreement and Release

The Naughty Events (the “Event”) and (the “Team Member”) agree that in exchange for a complimentary pass to Naughty in N’awlins, the Team Member will volunteer the necessary time to fill the role of Ambassador, the following terms shall apply:

1. The staff assignment begins July 24th, 2018 and is expected to continue through July 29th, 2018. The Team Member’s expected schedule in the role of Ambassador is to be approximately 15 hours.

2. The Team Member will perform the following services as outlined in the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). The Team Member will be performing services under the direction of various Naughty Events Supervisors and Employees, as well as, duties and conduct outlined in the SOP. The Team Member agrees to follow these to the best of their capacity, while carrying out all services.

3.The Team Member is not an employee of Naughty Events and is not entitled to receive salary, benefits or other compensation. The Team Member understand that he/she does not qualify for workers’ compensation benefits and is expected to carry personal medical insurance to cover medical expenses for any injuries he/she may incur while performing duties.

4. The parties agree that this is the entire agreement and no agreement, oral or written exists outside of this agreement.


Team Member releases Naughty Events and its officers, employees, agents, and representatives from any responsibility or liability for personal injury, including death, and damage to or loss of property, that Team Member may incur due to the negligence of the event, its officers, employees, agents and representatives or others due to accidental occurrences, while attending the event or otherwise engaging in activities pursuant to the Agreement.

Please read and make yourself familiar with the attached Conduct Policy:

Conduct Policy: Naughty Events Events Rules – SIGNATURES ARE REQUIRED Naughty in N’awlins July 25 - 29, 2018

To protect our attendees, we ask everyone to read the following below statement and then click at the bottom (submit button) the bottom which means that you understand and agree to the following rules.

Note: Only attendees 21 or older are allowed into the event.

1. Respect: "No means No!" Anyone that doesn't understand this or is making unwanted advances could be subject to expulsion from the ship at the next port, without a refund.

2. Nudity Rules: Nudity is only allowed by the pool (3rd floor) and on the play floor.

3. Sexual Activity Rules: Feel free to get to know one another on the dance floor, exchange e-mails, or meet afterwards in your room, but no sexual activity is permitted in the dances, the pool, lobby or any public place. There is a time and a place for everything: sexual activity can only take place in your private rooms or in a designated private hospitality area.

4. No Drugs: This is simple- "Just Say No." Anyone breaking this rule will be banned from any of our future events and cruises forever, again; no refund. Do not buy drugs in New Orleans: You can be arrested.

5. Camera Policy: Taking photos of other attendees without permission is not allowed. If you are seen taking photos of groups of people without their permission, your camera can be taken by staff to be reviewed. Inappropriate photos will be deleted at the discretion of the staff supervisor. Any photos taken oat the event are for personal use only. Photos or videos from this event cannot be published, printed, made public on the internet, YouTube or used for any other purpose without written approval from Naughty Events.

6. You Must Listen to the Hotel’s Security & our Naughty in N’awlins Staff: If someone says you are acting or dressed inappropriately, you probably are. Please respect the hotel's/venue's security and the New Orleans Police Department. They are here to protect you and our attendees. Anyone not adhering to our or the Hotel's/Venue's conduct policies can be asked to leave the event.

7. Intoxication: If you become intoxicated and disruptive, you will be escorted to your room. Please watch out for your partner and other Naughty Events at the event. If they had too much, please take them to their room so they can recuperate.

8. Prostituting: Attendees are not permitted to pay nor accept payment to engage in any form of entertainment or sexual activity.

9. Protect Yourselves: It is your responsibility to act responsibly when it comes to personal protection. We encourage you to always protect yourself.

10. Smoking: Smoking is permitted only in designated areas of the hotel like the outdoor Bourbon St balcony. Smoking is NOT permitted in any rooms, ballrooms, lobby and playfloor.

11. Have Fun: It's a rule, and it's enforced!

By signing this form, we do hereby release Naughty Events, LLC, its owners, travel affiliates, hosts, staff and members from any liability arising from a result of our attendance of Naughty in N’awlins, July 25 – 29, 2018, or as a result of subsequent meetings or circumstances with any attendees, staff or guests, now or in the future.

Also, by signing, we subscribe to and agree to abide by any rules as set forth by anyone on the Naughty Events staff. We acknowledge that we will keep all information confidential and that we are not acting as part of, or on behalf of, any media or government organization and will not disclose anything outside this event or lifestyle. We further acknowledge that we are acting in our own behalf as adults and for personal interest only and are not offended by sexual expression or nudity and that we understand that this is a hotel event that caters to many different alternative lifestyles.

This is really important. This will create your pass and get you your t-shirt so you can dress fancy when you are doing your work shift!

Your pass will be at the registration desk. 

And don't forget to install the CrewApp and give it permission to see your location. 

Check in with your Staff supervisor often. How do you know who is your Supervisor? You will see them in the CrewApp for each event you are scheduled to work. 

Did you read all the words above and are you willing to do your best to follow the rules laid down above? *
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