Our Buisness

Naughty Events started in 1997 and grew out of small monthly house parties in New Orleans. When our parties grew to the point that they were drawing over 75 couples (at our home), we knew we had to find a larger venue. We moved our house party to a restaurnt in the French Quarter (in Jax Brewery) and we started advertising on the web. As our parties grew in size and frequency, people from all over the country started attending.

Finally in 1999, our 1st convention, N'awlins in November, was born. Located by the New Orleans airport, almost 180 couples attended that 1st weekend.

Our concept of taking over an entire hotel was a big hit and everyone that attended had a great time. Eventually, the event would move downtown, onto Bourbon St, and swell to over 1,000 couples (that's over 2,000 people!). The city would actually shut off Bourbon St for us and we hosted our 1st ever Mardi Gras Parade in 2003.

We (Tess & Bob) have produced conventions in New Orleans, Miami, Key West, Chicago & Las Vegas and hosted group trips to Amsterdam, the Mediterranean, Thailand, Jamaica & Mexico and founded Couples Cruise in 2006.

Our Passion

In addition to providing couples with 1st class events, we are very devoted to advocacy and legal issues in this lifestyle. We have been on many boards, advisory councils and have befriended many other lifestyle business owners in an attempt to bring higher standards and more professionalism to our industry.

Bob served on the Board of Directors for the National Coalition For Sexual Freedom (NCSF) and he urges you to visit the NCSF website and become a member. This is the most important organization that is currently working to protect your rights and ensure your freedom to attend events and to explore your sexual freedom. Your contributions are greatly needed

Besides each other, our passions are music, art (Bob draws & paints and Tess loves photography) and travel. We hope you will join us on one of our adventures...

Our Lives

We have been partners in life and business for over 32 years. We met while in college (in Atlanta) and have been together ever since. Tess is the first girl Bob ever kissed in his whole life (and he certainly is glad that he did!). That kiss took a great friendship and helped turn it into a lifetime relationship. We split our time between our home in the French Quarter of New Orleans and traveling to promote our events and travel.