Naughty Vegas will be located right by the main Las vegas Strip. You can hang out at one of our three pool parties and then run off to see one of the amazing Las vegas shows, grab a dinner at an award winning hotel and you can still be back for our big night time parties.

With free shuttles to the airport and cheap Uber, Lyfts and cabs, you can get around without needing a car.


Our Playrooms

If you’ve been to our Naughty Events, then you’ll know what to expect. We have recently added more colors, more fabric and more decor to make these playrooms the best in the business.

You’ll always enjoy a sensual and erotic atmosphere in our playrooms, which will host seminars and workshops during the day.


Theme Nights

We always have a couple of sexy, erotic theme nights and Naughty Vegas is no different. You do not have to dress for these theme nights, but it is fun if you do…

Wednesday Night: Viva Las Vegas
Thursday Night: Glow Night
Friday Night: Pajama Party
Saturday Night: Fetish Night


Seminars & Workshops

We will have seminars, workshops, demonstrations and plenty of classes where you can learn new skills which will help you be a better partner.

Take a little time to learn how to give each other an erotic massage, learn some BDSM basics, explore your own sexuality through intensive workshops that can be life changing.