Naughty in N'awlins isn't just a bunch of parties, we bring in the top entertainers to entertain you each evening, giving you a world class event. Each night you can go to the main dance, or you can check out our amazing lineup of talented performers or do both.


Jen Porter

Jen is our favorite piano player and she brings pure sexiness to the stage with her incredible voice, but more importantly, she "get's us" and she loves to perform for our crowd. 

Her shows are interactive, fun, entertaining and the dirtiest piano bar show you will ever see. Ask her nicely and she might even get topless. 

Ask real nice and she'll tell you about the towel she is going to auction off at the end of the night. Trust us, this is not your neighborhood piano bar show. This is Jen Porter and she is AWESOME!

Check out her website at JenPorter.com

Spogga Hash

Spogga Hash is an amazing local musician that has toured with us on our Couples Cruises and has played at several Naughty in N'awlins events. His unique musical style mixes that of a solo guitar artist mixed with beatboxing and creative handling of songs like you've never seen.

He will play the melody of one song, while singing a completely different song, creating mashups and a whole new genre of music. One thing is for sure: Spogga rocks! Come check out his show in the Naughty Lounge located just off the lobby in the Astor Crowne Plaza Hotel.

Check out his website at Spogga.com