Glow Party

We are going to have a Glow Party like no one has seen before. We have purchased more black lights and LED UV lights than any party planner in the country. The results will be an amazing 16,000 square foot Glow-Extravaganza.

Glow pic.jpg

15' UV Backdrops

We will have large (up to 15') banners that will look great under UV blacklight. We have purchased them from two of the best psychedelic artists that paint with UV lighting in mind. Check out their galleries below.

Glow Pic 3.jpg

Naughty Art Gallery

The artwork will be on display on Wednesday Night only. We will provide some 3D glasses which will enhance the effect even more. 

Each ballroom will showcase these artists with larger than life images that will really pop and create an amazing backdrop for our Glow Party.

glow fabric.jpg


We will also have amazing table top fabric to carry the neon-glow theme throughout the entire room. We bought four different patterns to alternate throughout the 44 12 person tables to give the entire main ballroom a great effect.

The Art of Andrew Pronin

We will feature the art of Andrew Pronin in our Main Ballroom. 

Andrew Pronin is an artist from Russia who's paintings have been the main backdrop at many music festivals to include Crystal Worlds Party, Systo, Trimurti, Chill Out Planet. 

His artwork looks like alien landscapes and he is known for his fine lines and fine detail which builds unbelievable fractals and figures.

The Art of Samuel Farrand

We will feature the art of Samuel Farrand in our EDM Ballroom. 

Samuel is an artist from Burlington, Vermont. Drawing his inspiration from a range of subjects such as; visions of ancient and future culture, dreams, sacred geometry, fibonacci sequences, subtle energy systems, esoteric symbols, and textures found throughout nature, Sam attempts to weave his inspirations by representing them as patterns that a re rooted in fractal, recursive and/or logarithmic mathematics. His intention is to bring forth to the viewer a composition that resembles the fully awakened consciousness experience in which fantastical imagery, geometry and vivid colors are interwoven with one another all in the meanwhile invoking deep feelings of nostalgia, wonder and interconnectedness.

Samuel Farrand.jpg

Table Tops

We will use the fabric below to cover all of the tables and we will have blacklights on each table to help make them glow.


We have been to many parties where the promoter had 4 or 5 blacklights. That just won't cut it for our 20th Anniversary Party. We will have UV LED Strips at the entrances, along the walls and hanging from the ceilings. We have UV Cannons, Black light bars, UV Par cans, lasers and much more. 

Glow Lighting copy.jpg

UV Body Paint

We will have some amazing body painters lined up to make the crowd look spectacular.  We have some of the most talented body painters from all over the country coming to paint our sexy crowd.

glow paint copy.jpg