Is it all inclusive?
No, but the food and drinks are Sooooo cheap, it is better to pay as you go. Because we will visit different hotels each night, it is better to do it this way.

When we add up the event fee, the hotel and food and drinks, how will it compare to other Clothing Optional resorts?
Naughty Beach will be about half of the cost for those places when all is said and done. This is a great value.

Are you sure we don't need A/C?
Yes, we visited this location in the heart of October and the rooms were very comfortable. If you HAVE to have A/C, we do have rooms available with A/C, but 90% of the hotels and houses in this community do not have A/C and the combination of the natural breeze and fans in each room make it very comfortable.

How is the local food?
Great! We didn't have one bad meal. The cost was amazing. We spent $110 USD during our 4 night stay at the main hotel eating and drinking most of our meals there.

We "splurged one night and went to the best restaurant in town and had a meal that consisted of two martinis, two cocktails, two appetizers, two entrees and one dessert and the cost was $44.

What are the drink prices?
We spent $3.45 on Frozen daiquiris with fresh bananas and strawberries. You can get two beers for $1 during happy hour, they are just under $1 most other times to just over $1 for premium beers. Most liquors range from $3-$3.75 per drink.

Can't we just book a room ourselves and not pay the "Event Fee"?
Sure, and you'll probably have a great time at this location by yourselves. But, you won't be at one of the hotels we have booked and you won't get the chance to hang out with 100 awesome couples and enjoy all of the activities, parties and entertainment we have in store for those attending this Naughty Beach week.

Every year, couples fly into New Orleans and they don't book Naughty in N'awlins, thinking that they will just party with the attendees without staying at our hotel or paying the event fee. They find out quickly that they can't get into any of the events. The couples they see on the street are all heading back to the hotel and aren't interested in leaving the party to hang out with one random couple they meet on the street.

Many sign up for the following year after having paid a lot of money to get here and stay in Nola only to miss out on the party. We spend a lot of money arranging amazing parties, book with us and you won't be sorry.

How are the bugs/mosquitos?
We didn't see many bugs or mosquitos. We do however recommend using bug spray just to make sure. We did get a few bites on the beach one night, but used bug spray after that and had no issues.

How safe is it?
Super safe! Oaxaca, the state where our hotels are located, does not have a warning about crime or dangerous areas issued by the state department. The State department does have warnings in the Yucatan, and in other popular areas on the northwest coast of Mexico (to include Ensenada and Acapulco). This is one of the safest areas in all of Mexico and is much safer than most places in the US.

How do we get there?
Most major hubs will fly to Mexico City and then onto Huatulco (HUX). From there, there is a 26 mile taxi ride ($13 per person) to our hotels. See next section for more info.

Do you have to be nude?
Of course not. You can be nude on the beach and in any of the hotel pools. You have to wear something (if only a towel or a wrap) in all of the restaurants. You never need to be nude anywhere, this is a clothing optional area.

Note: This is the ONLY "Official Nude Beach" recognized by the Mexican government. They tolerate some nudity at other resorts, but no where in Mexico is there a nude beach like this that spans for almost 1.5 miles.