Everyone loves a parade

Naughty in N'awlins has the worlds biggest (and only) "Swinger's Pride Parade". This is a truly unique and amazing opportunity and is worth coming in early to experience.


Signs Matter

This isn't just a sexy, fun parade, it is a "Pride" parade where swingers can proudly proclaim their pride in being themselves in public along with lots of people that support their lifestyle. The signs are amazing and include "Proud Swinger", "Monogamy isn't natural", "We don't cheat", "Our Marriage Works", "We Support Sexual Freedom" and much more.

This is a true sexual freedom movement and we are proud to not only be a part, but be at the forefront by giving our attendees a platform where their voices can be heard.


Marching Band (and more...)

Our parade not only features over 1,000 swingers and supporters, but we also have a Police Escort, a Marching Band, a Dance Team, Mardi Gras Floats, Beads and Throws and much more.

The faces from the people walking on Bourbon St when our parade comes through is priceless. They are all wondering what parade is coming their way and when they see all of the sexy costumes, read the signs and see the sheer size of the parade, they are left in awe.


Be Part of History

By marching in our parade, you are not just having a ball, you are making history. You are part of a movement to further sexual freedom in this country. If you are concerned about being "seen" in our parade, you can wear a Mardi Gras mask so no one will know who you are.

Remember, you don't have to be a swinger to march in our parade, just a supporter of sexual freedom, which everyone should be able to support.

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