Our Playfloor

We take an entire floor of our hotel and turn it into over 20,000 sq ft of play space. We have group rooms, private rooms, a dark room, dungeons, a room for singles, women only, semi private rooms, a room for toys and sybians and much more.

All of our beds have waterproof covers and are cleaned by our staff in between uses with hospital grade sanitizer to ensure the cleanest, driest environment. We provide sensual music and lighting along with diffusers that make our rooms look and smell beautiful. You will never find any playrooms that live up to our high standards.




We have the most elaborate and well equipped dungeons in the industry. Not only do we offer world class seminars and workshops during the day, but the nights are filled with demonstrations and open play time so you can participate and be part of our Kinky couples play area. 

We were one of the first lifestyle events that successfully integrated BDSM into a lifestyle event. Our dungeons have grown over the years and now we have multiple spaces with lots of premium dungeon furniture, accessories and equipment to create the best scenes in the industry.